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Ami Heddaviand Le'Viand AKA Ami is the princess and heir apparent of Queen Gwain's kingdom. She is the first Teoran to meet and befriend Geo. She is the main character and protagonist of the Gwain Saga series, along with Geo.

She has a strange yet extremely fatal illness that causes her life energy to quickly deteriorate, so Luna made the EXE Arc to act as her life support. Ami wears this most of the time; the only exceptions being in the morning, during sleep, and when she is using it as a bow. Since she doesn't always have to wear it, it could be possible it functions similarly to Tracer's Chronal Accelerator, where as long as she's close to it, she's fine.

Ami in episode 9 wearing white coat and white boots.


Ami has pale skin and is around 165-170 cm tall. She has long pink hair that has only changed color once in Episode 8 when she drained all of her magic. She is usually wearing her school uniform or an all white outfit with Gwain's symbol on it. She is almost always wearing her EXE-Arc headband and when she is not it's likely because she is using it as a bow. Her eyes are excessively large when compared to other Teorans. Ami's outfits aside from her usual clothing and her school outfit include a more casual white outfit with Gwain's symbol on it, a disguise cloak, a fancy dress, a more dress like variant of her disguise cloak, her ceremonial attire, and an Orca swimsuit.


On first glance, she seems to be a typical, bubbly, kind of airhead or dumb princess. She holds no prejudice, as shown by her support towards Geo, despite him being human. However, she does have a rebellious side. As such, she often sneaks out of the castle, unattended. Like Geo, she is a thoughtful and caring person who will go to an extreme length to help a friend. She is also non-talkative, though a few people can somehow understand her. She also has a history of getting herself into trouble, such as getting on the train before it derails, nearly getting hit by a truck, and being confronted by some delinquents (with Lanney in tow).

In Episode 008, Ami has a Shoulder Pirate and Shoulder Nun. While the Shoulder Pirate is straightforward and ambitious, the Shoulder Nun is even more vulgar, saying to, "Grab that (Geo) booty" and saying to the Bride Ghost, "Yeah! Chill out! Mother F#@*&%!".

Despite being a princess and the heir apparent, she is one of the unpopular students in Gwain College along with Deva, Agni, and Lanney. Students make fun of her for being mute, and fear her strange illness might be contagious.

Powers and Abilities

As a royal princess, she has some limited political power, yet possesses royal prestige within Queen Gwain's kingdom. Despite being a social outcast, some people (Electra and Savien for example) will take advantage of her in order to gain connection with the royal family. Even though Ami is under her mother's rule, she is able to undermine her authority as Queen when she saved Geo from extermination for being human.

Despite her appearance, Ami is a capable fighter. She managed to incapacitate numerous royal guards on her way to rescue Geo from Queen Gwain's wrath (although this was through use of stun arrows, that seem to act as tranquilizers), and held her own against the Bride, possessing Geo.

Physical Abilities:

Ami seems rather fragile at first, but she's quite capable. She's able to run very fast (close to the speed of a steam locomotive), leap very high, and has above average strength and durability. She's able to do dash-attack like headbutts and spin attacks (like Marlow), and has a reaction time high enough to dodge Geo's attacks, as seen in her battle against the Bride. She seems to be capable enough in hand-to-hand combat in a style similar to boxing. Ami has been shown to be able to augment her physical abilities, being able to run faster and jump higher using her magic.

Magical Abilities:

Ami, like all Teorans, is capable of using magic. Her element is Love, making her a healer. This makes her unaffected by condition spells, such as Savien's low level Hypnosis. It is unclear whether it refers to mind control spells specifically or that its a catch-all term for debuffs, but it was shown in 005 that Ami can be effected by natural conditions, such as Drunk.

Ami's powers tend to focus on supporting allies and non-lethally incapacitating enemies. Ami has been shown to slowly heal teammates via touch. Using her bow, Ami is also capable of projecting non-lethal magic arrows which cause Stunned and Sleep. It is shown that these conditions can be passed with touch as well; In Episode 008, during her fight with a Bride-possessed Geo, it is shown that she can project an empowered form of her magic onto her fists, allowing her to rapidly punch and afflict up to x20 stacks Stun onto the target. However, this prevents the life support function of the EXE Arc, and causes her vitality to drain rather quickly. In Episode 007, she is also capable weaponizing her screeches.

It is shown that Ami is capable of using magic related to the mind, such as Mind Read and Savien's "Manual Breathing Deactivated". It is unknown how they are related to her Love element.

Several moments throughout the episodes suggest that Ami's magic power can be enhanced and altered through love, affection, and sadism. For example, when Ami was sleeping with Geo, both of them were passively regenerating by +10. When Geo accidentally pushed his face into Ami's chest, this number jumped to +99. Before the trip to the South Coast of Gwain, when Geo smiled at Ami, she began to rapidly regenerate +7000 health. This stopped as soon as Ami was broken out of her trance. During her arm wrestling match with Geo, Ami started to draing Geo's health at increasing speeds, as she presented a threatening, sadistic smile.


Ami seems to be fairly intelligent, understanding 12 different languages. She also is skilled with the guitar, and can dance fairly well. She is skilled with her EXE Arc in its bow form, never missing a shot in the series (except the one time she was drunk).

She has a strong mind, able to defeat True Gwain inside Gwain's mind when Ami attempted to read her mind to find out why she wouldn't do anything against Luna.


As Ami is oriented towards support, she's mostly helpless on her own, being able to debuff any enemies or stacking stuns at most. During her fight with The Bride, she was only able to free Geo when she attacked her, without actually causing any substantial damage to The Bride herself, and she had to sacrifice at least 90% of her vitality to do so though it is possible it was slightly over or below the 90% mark.

Without her EXE-Arc, she begins to lose vitality rapidly, and can even die if it's gone for too long.

In addition, when Ami supercharges her EXE-Arc to use her more powerful abilities, she begins to lose faster then if she didn't have it at all.

Despite her intelligence, and in line with her motif, she seems to have a knack for getting herself into dangerous situations, such as putting herself on the train right before it drove off a cliff.

It also seems that Ami is unable to heal injuries past a certain threshold, not being able to heal Geo's broken arm or Marlow's broken leg. Wait, did she even heal Marlow at all?


Ami wields the EXE-Arc, which not only acts as her life support but can also be used as a grip for a magic bow. Ami uses this to project her magic in projectile form, allowing her to heal and inflict debuffs from a safer position. It also seems to passively heal her over time. The EXE-Arc can be supercharged to let her use more powerful abilities, but it depletes her health very fast, faster then if she didn't have it on at all.

Ami also puts on a ring or bracelet during the fight against the Bride, currently, the abilities of this ring/bracelet are unknown.


Pre Gwain Saga

As a child, Ami fell ill from an incurable disease. Gwain begged Luna to save her life, and Luna agreed, on the condition that she could be exempt from the law. Luna then created an early version of the EXE Arc (one which only healed 0.5 health at half the speed of the current version) for her to act as her life support, and performed check ups on her. She noticed that Ami's eyes were excessively large. It is unknown if this statement is of any significance. Also, Gwain let Vania be Ami's guardian.

Ami went to a school like all other children and befriended Lanney, Deva, and Agni. If Agni's explanation of the school "food chain" is to be believed, then it is likely that Ami was also considered to be at the bottom at the time, since she had the illness far before.

During her teenage years, while Ami was allowed to search for and collect magic crystals in the forest by herself, she was not allowed to interact with the rest of society, other than the Gwain College. It is during one of her crystal-searching trips that she encounters Geo.

Gwain Saga - 001

Ami is wandering through the forest when Geo falls down from the sky, getting himself tangled in vines. Seeing his smiling, drooling face, Ami screams and causes a flock of birds to fly off. However, she regains her senses and helps Geo down. She quickly deduces that Geo is not from Teora, and decides to show him how wonderful it is. After a long adventure throughout the forest, Ami spots a crystal. She runs to go grab it, but steps on a wolves tail and angers it. Geo attempts to protect Ami but is knocked out quickly by a singular blast from the wolf, and Ami is taken by them.

When Geo arrives at the wolve's cave, he finds her asleep and attaches her headband. When the wolves notice Geo, he picks up Ami a chase begins while Ami is asleep. Geo is eventually knocked down and is forced to take hits to protect Ami. A wolf is about to leap onto Geo to finish him when Ami wakes up and shoots an arrow at it, stunning it. This gives Geo the opportunity to dispatch all three wolves using the EXE-Blade. After this, the two head towards Gwain's castle.

Gwain Saga - 002

Ami sneaks back into her room with Geo, and signals for him to stay low. However, when she tries to exit the room, she sees Gwain right outside. She then closes the door and hides Geo, while Gwain waits outside patiently. Once inside, Gwain says that she came to check on her since the whole castle was looking for her. She also says she wanted to ask why Geo (who was poorly disguised as a lamp) was inside her room. Gwain tells Ami to tell the truth, and then performs an Insight check on her.

The next day, Ami takes a shower and puts on clothes before waking up Geo. She gives him a Gwain College jacket while taking his old coat, which causes her to fall on the ground with how heavy it is. Ami and Geo walk together to the Great Hall in order to eat breakfast, but Gwain attacks Geo while Ami is eating. Gwain orders the guards to take Ami to her chamber and protect her. Later on, Ami arrives just in time to shield Geo from Gwain's execution beam. Gwain questions how she always gets past security before the guards are shown with sleep arrows from Ami's bow in them. Gwain tells Ami to move so she can eliminate him and tells him that he's human. However, Ami refuses to let Geo die and convinces Gwain to let him live.

When Geo wakes up three days later, Ami and Gwain are there. Gwain explains to Geo how he will be Ami's bodyguard. Gwain tells Ami she has permission to leave the castle and go to the market, but also tells her not to draw any attention. In the next scene, Geo and Ami are seen wearing cloaks and Ami is wearing a mask. The two attempt to sneak around but are quickly found by Lanney. Lanney asks how Ami was let out of the castle and Ami shows her Geo. Lanney then tells Ami that there have been attacks from a mysterious individual when suddenly, Luna rides in on a motorcycle with a mask on. She jumps off the motorcycle while the three watch. When Luna's arm gauntlet transforms into a projectile weapon of some sort and aims it right at Ami, she covers her ears as Geo steps in to block the incoming fire. She smiles at first, but it fades away when Geo falls over and Luna lands in front of them. A quick staredown happens before a group of people try to attack Luna, only to be scared away by a robot she had with her. While Luna is turned around, Ami attempts to fire her EXE-Arc at Luna. Luna blocks all the arrows and begins to approach Ami and Lanney, only to be held back by Geo holding onto her leg. Luna aims her arm cannon at Geo but Ami tosses Lanney's bag of flour into the air and shoots it, which causes it to get in Luna's eyes. Ami cheers when she sees someone knocked out of the cloud of flour, but then frowns realizing that it was Geo and not Luna who was knocked away. Ami and Lanney are next scene crouched down watching when Geo knocks the robot and Luna through the ground.

After the fight ends, Ami and Lanney get scared hearing the explosion that the destroyed robot causes. Ami runs forward before the robots arm appears in front of her, causing her to be even more scared. Her fear then goes away when she realizes it was only Geo climbing out of the hole. In the final scene, Ami and Geo say goodbye to Lanney and watch the sunset as Gwain watches too from above.

Gwain Saga - 003

In the Prologue, Ami is seen with Deva in a flashback, with Deva teaching her guitar lessons. When a boy yells that the weirdos wanted to be rockstars, Deva responded by saying she'll play music by kicking his ass, then encasing him in ice and kicking him away. Deva then asked Ami to promise her to hit her with whatever's in reach if she ever happens to like a boy.

The episode begins with Geo waking up to see Ami watching him. In the next scene, Ami eats cereal while Geo struggles to fully wake up. Ami then watches Gwain train Geo until Gwain asks Ami if she really thinks Geo can be her ticket to independence. Gwain then tells Ami that Geo can't stay in the castle anymore and must be left where nobody can see him as Ami notices the clocktower in the distance. Ami can then be seen climbing down the ladder to the clocktower as Gwain floats down complaining about how Geo will be their doom. Gwain then tells Ami that his first test will be when he walks her to school as the scene transitions to Geo and Ami walking.

Ami and Geo come across Deva and Lanney on their way to school and Ami begins to talk to Lanney. When Agni dashes in and begins talking to Geo, Ami is confused just like everybody else. Ami, Lanney, and Deva then run into the principle of Gwain College and Ami is told to have the ears on her headband down. He then tells them to get to class before being late. Once inside the classroom, Deva asks Ami questions about Geo before making the accusation that the two of them had already kissed, to which Ami denies. When Luna disguised as a teacher presents the class with the excercise they are meant to complete, Ami and Deva are both confused on how they would be expected to solve that. Ami and the rest of the class (excluding Mizu) all ran out of the classroom when Luna told them they were free to do whatever they wanted.

Ami is seen later on with Lanney when one of Luna's "dodge-bots" slides next to them. She is seen again with Agni, Deva, and Lanney when Deva turns a normal dodgeball into a snowball and throws it at Luna's head. She is then seen aiming her EXE-Arc at Luna when Geo is launched away by a laser Luna had fired. She shoots a healing arrow into Geo which gets him back up off the ground and watches with the rest of the group as Luna rides away on her truck. Later on, she is seen with Deva, Agni, and Lanney cheering Geo on after his training with Gwain. She notices Deva whistling for Geo, and remembering the promise she made to Deva to hit her if she ever liked a boy, hits Deva with what she was holding. At the end of the episode, she notices Luna talking to Gwain inside the castle.

Gwain Saga - 004

In the intro of the episode, Ami can be seen playing basketball with Geo.

Later, Ami supposedly pays for Geo's house and furniture, but it turns out that the costs were placed on Gwain's tab. While Deva is mucking about with Agni, Ami notices a strange, green figure spying on them. This green figure happens to be Marlow, who continues to spy on Geo in particular whilst the group does various activities. Soon after, Ami stuns Marlow with her bow after noticing her position in a tree. They interrogate her, and Marlow vaguely mentions Geo's "secret." Ami is visibly the most shocked about the simple idea of Geo having an aforementioned secret, as she believed that Marlow knew that Geo was a human. Marlow knocked Agni away after the latter showed aggression, and then beckoned Geo to chase after her. Ami was visibly distressed by the situation, and only got more upset when Lanney asked her if she knew what was going on.

During Geo and Marlow's fight, Deva was verbally splenetic towards Ami, as Ami's facial expression gave her a clue that Ami knew something that the rest didn't. This "very important" information happened to be Geo being a human, which is something only a select few individuals know.

After Gwain stops Geo and Marlow's demise, Ami describes what had happened until Gwain told her to stop. Ami is the only one who isn't left in shock due to Marlow's conclusion of Geo being a vampire, due to her knowing that Marlow was wrong and that Geo was really a human. Although Marlow was wrong with her assumption, Gwain figures that because Geo's abnormatilities were noticed by someone, she has to execute him. Ami and the others beg Gwain to stop, but the latter argues that it's for the sake of the former's future kingdom. Luckily, Marlow's intervention stops Geo's execution, leaving Ami and the group confused, but relieved. At the end of the episode, Ami can be seen watching Agni hold a pepper out of Deva's reach.

Gwain Saga - 005

The first time Ami is seen in Episode 5, she is trying to explain to Deva, Marlow, Lanney, and Agni that they had to hide Geo's identity as a "vampire". Deva questions Ami about the reasoning behind why they shouldn't take Geo's visor off. Marlow sarcastically says that it is to prevent Geo from hypnotize her, to which Ami confirms. Deva thinks that it's not a big deal and wants to be hypnotized, which makes Ami upset. Deva ask why she cares about it so much, and visualizes Geo biting her neck, saying she wouldn't mind if he tried to. Marlow has the same thoughts as Deva, and Agni ask if girls do really like to get bitten in the neck, which Marlow respond that it looks romantic. Agni looks at Lanney and then attempt to get closer to her neck, this left Lanney so shocked that she couldn't move until Marlow and Deva beat Agni up for doing that. Ami looks at Geo and see him unconscious after Gwain beat him up.

Ami can later be seen riding on a bicycle with Lanney as Agni and Deva argue. When they reach their destination, they begin to search the area for crystals. Lanney comments on how relaxing it is and says its amazing how Ami does this on her own so often, and Ami nods agreeing. After Agni uses fire to break a large crystal into smaller pieces, Ami uses a crystal to restore his magic. Ami, along with Deva, Agni, and Geo all run away when the phoenix appears. Marlow quickly catches up to them and complains about being left as bait. Marlow then remembers that the type of phoenix chasing them couldn't spit fire, but when she attempted to act friendly, the entire group was covered in soot.

At school, Ami simply watches Deva and Marlow argue over the events that had gotten the group covered in soot. In Deva's explanation of "the school lunch food chain" Ami is at the lower end with Lanney, Agni, Deva, and Geo one row below them. When Agni explains why that is, Ami is labeled as the "girl with the weird sickness many think is contagious" When Electra bursts into the cafeteria, Ami can be seen with an intimidated look on her face. Ami and Marlow are the only people at their table invited by Electra to the her birthday party. When Ami gets her invitation, she is very happy until Deva tells her Gwain wont let her go, to which Ami frowns at. Since Marlow does not want to go however, she gives her invitation to Geo. Electra gets very upset at Marlow giving away her invititation, but walks away when Marlow threatens to tell the council that she was handing out invites without permission. Deva reminds Ami that she has an invitation and a plus one, but no permission from Gwain to actually go. Lanney tells Ami that she should just explain how important the party was and Gwain would allow her to go.

In the next scene, Ami and the rest of the main friend group excluding Marlow, are in Gwain's throne room when Gwain says no to letting Ami go. Gwain says she wont let her go alone and certainly wont let her go with Geo. Deva reminds Gwain that Ami can defend herself but Gwain asks to see any moves she knows. Deva tells Gwain that Ami knows plenty of moves and tells Ami to show Gwain. Agni turns on a set of speakers and Ami begins to dance, only to be interrupted by Gwain midway through the dance. Ami however gets Gwain's permission when she pushes the group away to talk to Twain. Gwain comes up with the excuse that Geo and Ami went to a party as to why Twain couldn't see Geo and Ami. Afterwards, Deva tells Ami to take off her clothes and put on her best outfit while Marlow jabs Agnis eyes and Geo looks away.

When Geo and Ami enter Electra's party, a multitude of people all stare at them. Electra tells them not to make a fuss and that they can't bring guns in. The next time Ami is seen, she approaches one of the guests at the party pouring a flask into the punch. After noticing Ami, he drops the flask and gives her his glass of punch slowly walking away. After a small taste of the punch, Ami goes to get more, not knowing that it had been "given more flavor". Ami is later seen again with the "drunk" status effect. Later on, Ami is seen once again face down on the table with the "drunk" status effect times three. She pulls the bowl of punch away from a party guest who attempted to have some. Ami is not seen again until she interrupts Luna's taunting Geo and the cheif of security, this time with the "drunk" status effect times five. She draws her bow and fires an arrow, only to collapse right after. Luna easily dodges the arrow by side stepping. It ricochets off of the robot squid's tentacles before flying over Electra and into a disguised Deva, causing the latter to fall asleep. Ami is then carried out of the party over Geo's shoulder. On the way back to the castle, Ami remembers the discussion she had earlier about keeping Geo's identity a secret. She bites Geo's neck, and later licks it.

Gwain Saga - 006

Ami and Deva are first seen in the episode in the watchtower, with both of them having a tired expression. When Agni asks why they were sad, Deva responds by saying that she had to learn more about water movements and that Ami had to write a 100 page long essay about a landmark west of Gwain. Ami then gets a call from Gwain telling her to come to the castle after class and bring Geo with her. While Agni, Deva, and Ami waited for Geo at the castle, Agni asked Ami if she still wanted to be a supermodel. Ami posed with noobe and Deva commented on there being no way she would drop that idea. After Geo had arrived, the group went to go retrieve the package for him. While on the way there, Eolo attacked Ami as a test to see if Geo would guard, before handing him his package afterwards. After noticing that the omega suit Geo had been gifted had Twain's symbol on it, Ami and Deva quickly pushed Geo away as Gwain got very upset.

Ami is seen later on tossing Noobe into a bath tub and cooking something. Afterwards, Ami is seen walking around in her disguise outfit from Episode 2 when she is encountered by Savien. Savien tricks her into thinking he means well and casts his hypnosis spell on her. Ami appears again after Savien and Geo's fight ends, where she is fanning herself with a manilla folder (likely the folder Geo had in Episode 1) and taking off her cloak. She appears with Deva after Savien is attacked by Deva. Savien attempts to convince her that Deva and Geo were lying about Savien tricking Geo but he stops when Deva tells him that Ami is immune to condition spells, like hypnosis.

Ami becomes very sad when Geo runs off to chase Luna, so she decides to follow him. Deva and Savien doubt she can catch the train, but after growing a pair of magic wings on her head she is able to run fast enough to jump onto the train. When Luna fires her gun ordering everyone to the last coach, Ami is trampeled in the stampede of people. After she runs through the clothing area on the train, she appears with a more stylish version of her disguise coat. While Luna is talking to Geo at the front of the train Ami peeks her head out and waves to them which confuses both Luna and Geo. Once Luna is shot off the train by Savien, Ami looks at Geo scaredly. While Geo is being run over by the train, Ami watches with a terrified look on her face. Ami grows magic wings on her head one more time after jumping from the train, but she falls down and Geo fails to catch her. When Savien catches her and brings her back to the rail road track, she cries and hugs Geo. In the final scene of the episode, her and Geo are sleeping on a couch in the clocktower while holding hands.

Gwain Saga - 007

Outside of the intro, Ami's first appearance in Episode 7 is when she stares through the glass of Lanney's bakery at Lanney and Geo hugging. Lanney backs away from Geo while Ami walks inside the bakery. When Ami gets inside Lanney tells her that she would never hug Ami's boyfriend, to which Ami gets very defensive at. Lanney then says that she hadn't told anybody that Ami and Geo slept together, which confuses and shocks Ami even more. A flashback from is then shown from Lanney's perspective where Lanney walks in on Ami laying on top of Geo, misunderstanding what had happened. When Geo questions what they were talking about, he is hit by multiple arrows from Ami and he collapses. Lanney then says that it was good they had their clothes on, and Ami hisses at her. Lanney apologizes and Ami hugs her, with Geo walking out of the bakery.

Ami is seen in another flashback later on, this time from Agni's perspective where she is eating the Teoran version of Oreos while Savien messes with Agni and Geo. She scares all three of the boys when she makes an oreo disappear by touching it, which causes all three of them to run away. She then pulls the oreo out from her sleeve. After that, Ami is with Marlow, Lanney, Deva, and Agni when Agni puts the Gwain Warrior stickers on everybody. Her, Deva, and Agni then all leave for the ceremony.

When Luna appears to begin the ceremony, Ami looks over at Gwain with a disappointed look as Gwain looks away. Ami and Gwain also watch as Marlow kicks Luna off the floating platform she was standing on. When Gwain gives an excuse for the batlings showing up at the ceremony, Ami looks over at Gwain with a questioning look.

Much later, at the ruins of the statue unveiling, Gwain says that she can't do anything against Luna for a reason that she could not tell Ami, as her life depended on it. However, Ami used Mind Read on Gwain. Unfortunately, this pitted her against "Gwain True Form", who resisted Ami's attempt to read her mind. While Gwain undoubtedly had the upper hand in many ways, Ami used the "Automatic Breath Deactivated" trick she had seen Savien perform in Agni's flashback. This confused Gwain True Form long enough for Ami to use Megrim, which allowed the Mind Read to be successful.

Ami learned that Gwain came to Luna when Ami fell ill, as she knew she was the only one who could be successful. She offered Luna anything to just try to save Ami. Luna accepted Gwain's offer; presumably, this is when she requested that Gwain and her Royal Court do not interfere with her schemes. Ami as a child is then seen with what appears to be a prototype version of her EXE-Arc with Luna holding a clipboard noting that Ami's eyes were excessively large. Gwain True Form then tells Ami that she knows the truth now, and thats why she never did anything against Luna. Gwain True Form then remarked that it was a tough choice to make but she was so scared, with the screen fading to white. Ami is seen for the last time in the episode from an outside perspective of her reading Gwain's mind, with the perspective being Lanney's. Lanney sees Ami covered in a rapidly coler changing aura staring at Gwain, and comments that it's "always like this for hours". Ami is shown for the last time in the episode when Lanney is looking back on times she used her element without anybody knowing, with three of the four scenes Lanney flash backed too including Ami.

Gwain Saga - 008

Ami wakes up from her dream, which was apparently the opening of the episode. She then becomes enamored with Geo, and, unable to shake him from her thoughts, screams. She then proceeds with her usual morning routine.

When Ami arrives at the Clock Tower, she finds her and Savien finalizing their preparations for the trip to the South Coast of Gwain, while Marlow plays the parody of Animal Crossing and the bat woman from 007 is tied up. Soonafter, Geo arrives, causing him to fill Ami's thoughts again. Geo then smiles at her, making her skip a beat and regenerate +7000 health multiple times. Lanney talking to Geo breaks her out of this trance, and Ami then spends several moments attempting to get Geo out of her mind.

Later, Ami goes with the Gwain Warriors to the Magic Street Market, and meet up with Agni and Deva. On Agni's order, she synchronizes watches with her phone. While walking along with Geo, she sees his hand and decides to go for holding his hand. However, she ends up holding Lanney's hand, who says that they haven't gone shopping together in a long time. Ami gives a nervous laugh, then proceeds to sigh. Among other items, the group purchases special swimwear that either grants them a level, requires them to reach said level, or simply have a level of their own. After the group finishes their shopping, they head to the Coast.

After arriving at the Coast, Ami and Geo argue about her accompanying him on his own quest, which leads to the two having an arm wrestling match. As Geo hesitates to actually do anything while Ami struggles, Geo gets a threatening look from the entirety of the group, distracting him and leading to Ami draining his health as she wins. Afterwards, Ami listens to Deva explain why Bride's Island is called what it is, before she heals Geo. After a quick explanation from Deva, Ami and Geo are launched upwards through Deva's powers into Bride's Island.

Once inside, Ami and Geo swim down a small hole together, with Geo in the lead. Ami then falls right into Geo's arms which causes both of them to blush. When Geo walks away, a pirate and nun Ami appear and argue over Ami's relationship with Geo. While this is going on, the Groom grabs Ami's hand for a second which causes her to faint. While Ami is unconcious, the Bride appears and begins to attack Ami before being stopped by the pirate and nun Ami, who wake Ami up. Ami gets picked up by the Bride's telekentic powers but manages to break free. She runs away from the Bride only to encounter a possessed Geo, who attacks her. When she realizes that Geo is possessed, she battles him and forces the Bride to pull him away. Ami then procedes to chase the Bride all around the island, before finally breaking Geo free from the Bride and falling into the water below with him. When the Bride slams down a phantom ship onto her and Geo, she is unable to lift it all the way until Geo wakes up and helps her. Ami then collapses presumably from exhaustion before being knocked away with Geo from the Bride colliding with the Groom. Ami and Geo watch the Bride and Groom reunite and Geo gives Ami a healing braid. The Bride then gives Geo a teasing look, which causes him to blush as Ami gives him a smug stare. Ami and Geo then watch as the Bride and Groom disappear together. In the next scene, Ami is being carried by Geo similary to the way she was in Episode 1 and 5. Deva gets upset when she notices Ami's hair is partially white from her magic being drained and makes sure she is fine. Ami sits down and is handed a drink by Lanney, but when she notices Geo starting at her, she winks at him causing him to blush, before smiling for the final shot of the episode.

Gwain Saga - 009



  • Two of the languages Ami knows are Aurebesh and Dovahzul, languages from Star Wars and The Elder Scrolls.
  • On GeoExe’s Twitter and in Episode 007, it was confirmed that Ami is adopted.
  • In the Pilot, it is shown Ami has 600 HP.
  • Her height is around 165-170cm.
  • On one of GeoExe´s Deviantart posts, it was confirmed that Ami was born on September 13. The year is unknown.
  • It is unknown why Ami would not remember Luna in her childhood, despite her being the one to make her headband.
  • Ami is the first character in the series to consume alcohol, with the second being Lanney.
  • Ami has only had a total of 2 textboxes (8 if you include the pirate and nun Ami speaking) in the entire series. These have been when she attempted to read Gwain's mind in Episode 7 and when she thought about holding Geo's hand in Episode 8.
  • The reupload of Gwain Saga 001 shows that Ami is apparently able to use basic speech, the two examples of this being "Oops", when she lets Geo down and he falls unceremoniously on the ground, and "Yum" while she's eating a fruit.
  • She has a theme song called "A-Mimix" by Robotprins.